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Most frequent questions and answers regarding recliner repair

You can find reputable recliner repair companies by looking on google and yelp, also there are lots of tutorials and videos “how to repir recliner” on Youtube

Recliner repair cost very and can range from $140 for simple switch button repair or bed wiring, all the way up to $900 for recliner metal frame replacement or wooden frame rebuild

Yes, Number2project mobile furniture repair offer expert recliner repair in Sacramento, Ca, you can contact them at 916-701-0000

we can fix most of the electric and manual recliners, sometimes it requires to reach out to manufacturer for exact parts. We have wide range of recliner manufacturers that we cooperate with to make your recliner fixed in no time

you simply can call 916-701-0000 to contact experts at recliner repair, we will come to your house and fix your electric or manual recliner as soon as possible.

Our technicians wear masks and shoe covers to protect you and your family ageinst covid-19 and keep your nice floor clean at all the time. We can wear full body cover at the clients request.

yes, we provide on-site recliner repair services in Sacramento area

We provide mobile recliner repair services that benefits our clients and especially older generation, we do understand importance of heaving your recliner fixed on-site.

yes, you can repair your electric recliner with our PRO services, we are very knowledgeable regardin all kinds of electric recliners.

Electric recliner motor cost range from $70-$120 and we can order it for you without any extra charges.

Cost of electric recliner switch button range from $20 for simple rounded switch to $120 for very complexed remonte controlled recliners

We fix manual recliners, common repairs are recliner nadle repair, broken springs or coils repair or broken frame repairs

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